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We value integrity, professionalism, ability and flexibility. We seek to provide personnel, services and solutions that are correct, timely and matched to our clients' needs.

About Us

The FluidIT Group is a group of experienced information technology professionals.

The group was founded by two seasoned IT Executives who continue to execute on their vision of an IT Services company. The company is privately funded and privately held. At FluidIT, we're always on the lookout for talented professionals and welcome contact from interested parties. Please send resumes to: hr@fluiditgroup.com.


Howard McCaffrey:

Mr. McCaffrey has over 20 years of IT and business experience. He began his IT career training users of network and mainframe systems in the insurance industry. He then took on the role of Chief Information Officer for a major trade association in Washington. In this role, he was responsible for formulating business and technology strategies to help guide an industry through a fundamental shift in distibution models and intellectual property rights enforcement brought about by the advent of the public Internet. Howard led teams in the design and implementation of global royalty distribution and asset identification systems and was instrumental in conducting investigations related to supporting ground-breaking litigation and legislation. Mr. McCaffrey has since been an independent consultant and acting Practice Manager for a small technology startup in Alexandria, VA.

Paul D. Robertson:

Mr. Robertson has over 25 years of security, IT and business experience. Mr. Robertson started his career as a programmer/analyst in the United States Army, including a tenure at the Reagan White House working on sensitive national security systems. Subsequently, Mr. Robertson spent four years as an assembly language developer at an independent software vendor coding text DBMS engines and programming languages. During his next eight plus years, Mr. Robertson work for Gannett- a large media organization. Among other things, he was responsible for Internet and information security activities company-wide including putting USA Today on the Internet. Mr. Robertson then spent over four years at an information security company where he started the forensics practice, performed security research and measured and analyzed risk. After a stint as an independent consultant, Mr. Robertson co-founded FluidIT Group, an IT and consulting and solutions company where he brings his wealth of experience to bear for clients. Mr. Robertson moderates the Firewall-Wizards mailing list and is the current editor of the Network Firewall FAQ. Mr. Robertson is an in-demand speaker at security and computer forensics conferences and events.