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We've worked alongside law enforcement for customers, with law enforcement as a customer and with legal counsel on criminal, civil and administrative incidents. Unlike many companies doing computer forensics work, we can prodice new tools and techniques to gather and analyze evidence as well as performing the traditional evidence and analysis with common tools such as EnCase and FTK.

Computer Forensics and eDiscovery

Computer Forensics is the art of identifying, gathering and analyzing digital evidence. In today's interconnected world, having a partner who understands the components of successful e-discovery is critical in almost every case.

Our expertise in evidence identification, correlation, analysis and reporting ensures that our clients get more than just a traditional hard drive image and a standard report. We often find networks, connected devices and other sources of information are essential to providing a complete picture for our clients. We have a proven ability to identify and correlate multiple information sources in our investigations.

Of course, our process ensures that admissibility and chain of custody are always a central consideration.

At FluidIT Group, we possess the experience and the tools to successfully analyze almost any environment. Our experts have a deep understanding of today's technologies- from a single PC to complex networked environments, from phone logs and building access systems to flash memory and beyond. We have experience in intellectual property, system intrusion, domestic litigation, sabotage, industrial espionage, and financial fraud investigations. We provide services and training to state, federal and local law enforcement, as well as to corporate IT professionals. Our understanding of systems, forensics, and e-discovery processes have proven invaluable to the legal professionals with whom we work. Litigation support, data restoration, evidence collection, analysis, we're ready to work with you.