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We have deep expertise in many, many Internet-based technologies and we'd be happy to share our technical depth and expertise.

The Internet

In today's business environment, most companies take advantage of the Internet to extend their reach and to gain a compitative advantage. Whether you need to manage communications with thousands of customers, enable a remote workforce, establish a Web site, survey clients, or increase your brand's visibility in search engines, we can help.

At FluidIT, we have successfully implemented a wide range of sites and applications for our customers, including complex surveys, e-commerce sites, community forums, and just plain Web sites. We bring a business-centric view to your Internet experiences.

We provide the following Internet Services:

Web Sites (Design, Hosting)
Mailing Lists
Voice over IP (VOIP)
Online Surveys
Mobile Web
eCommerce Apps
Virtual Private Networking
Hosted Email Service
Online Community Building
Hacker Tracking