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We train to your requirements with experts in the field, not a professional trainer or junior employee reading slides from someone else's presentation. We belive that training should be interactive and that your instructor should be able to actually answer your questions, not "get back to you" to parrot someone else's answers.


We provide individual, company, online, in-person and conference-based training in many areas, including computer forensics, Internet services, computer security, network security, desktop applications, incident response, policy building, risk analysis and a host of related topics.

We can custom-build training for your company to match your goals and policies, or provide on of our standardized packages.

We've done training for Information Security, Technology and Executive Professionals in the Financial, Healthcare, Defense, Manufacturing and Service industries as well as for Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement.

Past conference training sessions include:

Private training sessions only, no public training performed.

Keynote Address, HTCIA/Regoinal Computer Forensics Group GMU 2007
Wireless Networks, HTCIA/Regoinal Computer Forensics Group GMU 2007
Voice over IP for Investigators, HTCIA/Regional Computer Forensics Group GMU 2007
Creating a Forensics-Friendly Environment, Secure Boston (ISC)2 CISSP training event
Software Restriction Policies: The Good, the Bad and the Unexecutable, Secure Toronto (ISC)2 CISSP training event

Security without Firewalls, USENIX LISA 06, Washington D.C.
Voice over IP for Investigators, HTCIA/Regional Computer Forensics Group GMU 2006
Security without Firewalls, 30th Annual USENIX Security conference, Vancouver BC

Bootable CD Operating Systems, HTCIA/Regional Computer Forensics Group GMU 2005

Network Forensics, 2004 HTCIA International Conference

Internet Forensics, HTCIA/Regional Computer Forensics Group GMU 2003
Protecting Network Infrastructure, Computer Security Institute 30th Annual Conference
Certified Secure: Understanding NSA’s Protection Profiles, CeBIT America
Know Your Enemy: Using Honeypots and Other Hacker Tracking Tools, CeBIT America
Securing Your Perimeter: Strategies for Protecting Business Assets, ITec Virginia Beach
Keeping Your Business Running: Proactive Planning for Business Continuity, ITec Virginia Beach

Log Analysis (in conjunction with Cyber War Games), Infowarcon